Most principles and patterns in object oriented programming stem from a few key ideas.

After 10+ years of teaching OOP I have learned that by learning a few fundamental ideas and how they fit together anyone can grasp almost any concept in object oriented programming. This is why I'm writing the book.


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  • A comprehensive guide to object oriented programming.
  • No arbitrary rules to follow.
  • Models for differentiating between and understanding when to use dependency instantiation vs dependency injection, objects vs subtypes, and inheritance vs interfaces.
  • How dependency injection and replace conditionals with polymorphism leads to dependency inversion.
  • How strategies, delegates, and higher order functions solve the same problem. How bridge pattern is like a strategy in a strategy. How observers are like events. How iterators are like enumerables, streams, and infinite lists. How visitor pattern is like pattern matching. Plus more.
  • How variance is key to understanding the Liskov substitution principle and how it allows for advanced object oriented design.

"He explains in the best possible way and its quite unlikely that someone can do better."

Testimonial from YouTube channel.

"I've been coding for years now, almost a decade, and I've never seen one explain these concepts as well as you do [...] and I love how you 'abstract' some points to make it clearer."

Testimonial from YouTube channel.

"Wow! Such a clean and logical delivery!"

Testimonial from YouTube channel.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many patterns and principles in object oriented programming?

So have I.

I spent 6 months writing this book. Then 6 months rewriting it together with AI 🤖. Then 6 months rewriting it from scratch.

After 18+ months of writing I've lost almost all hope for OOP. While the book teaches OOP it also serves as my extended argument around why it is time to leave OOP.

So why buy the book?

First of all, the world is full of OOP 🤷.

But more importantly, the search for the object oriented way seems to be a path that leads to functional programming. I want this book to illuminate that path.

I am a Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University (Sweden) with a Ph.D. in Information Systems. You might know me from my popular YouTube channel on programming. This is the book I wish I had been given. I use it to teach object orientation to university students 🎓 at beginner and advanced levels.

I am not trying to sell you any patterns, principles, methods or certifications so I am not afraid to show you how these different ideas align and overlap.

BUY IT NOW at the EARLY BIRD PRICE 💰 and start reading TODAY. The price will be increasing as I get closer to finishing the book.

Join me in my journey to the center of OOP. One last time.


Currently on EARLY BIRD SALE 🐤

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